Sports Premium

In 2013 and 2014 the school received specific PE & Sport Funding of approximately £8500.00 per annum which has enabled us to:

  • provide high quality sporting experiences to all children
  • subscribe to the School Sports Partnership which enables us to participate in cluster events including:
    • Football tournament
    • Swimming gala
    • Cross Country
  • work closely with the PE coordinator based at Netherthorpe School to help staff develop and improve their provision
  • release teachers and other staff for professional development and high quality training to run sports teams and to develop KS2 leaders
  • provide 5/60 education for Year 5
  • host a whole school Sports Day on 6th June 2014 at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield including transport costs
  • provide weekly multi-sport PE sessions to all year groups by professional coaches at Synergy
  • provide two sessions of Wheelie Wheels for KS1 children to help develop their balance and confidence skills
  • provide a Stomp Disdance workshop to classes 4 and 5
  • provide weekly gymnastic sessions to all year groups by professional coaches at Premier Sports
  • provide a weekly lunchtime multi sports club to Reception children and a weekly after school club to children in Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 by professional coaches at Premier Sports

With help from the Government’s “Schools Sports Funding” initiative, we have been able to purchase new PE equipment.  This has not only provided children with additional sporting opportunities, but has also replaced and refreshed existing equipment.  A new shed was also purchased in order to adequately store these resources; allowing pupils to enter easily and safely when accessing necessary apparatus.

During the academic year 2015-2016, the School Sports Premium was largely allocated to fund the provision of a certified coach, Richard Llanwerne.  He delivered lessons throughout the year to all pupils on a particular day each week.  Teachers participated in and observed all sessions, allowing staff to receive continued professional development in this curriculum area; which they subsequently transferred into their own practice.  The budgeted income target for for 2015/2016 was £8527.00

For 2016/2017 funding has been earmarked for the installation of an all-weather surface on part of the school field.  It is intended that this artificial area will allow greater access to a safe and usable PE zone.  Currently our school field is accessible for parts of the year, although, between the months of October and April, it is often waterlogged due to the ground’s clay sub-structure.

Sports Premium Funding & Action Planning 2017-2018