Parental Questionnaire

Parental questionnaires are a valuable tool as an additional form of communication between parents and School.  The results obtained help us to refine and improve the learning that the children experience and we believe this partnership is crucial in achieving this.

The outcomes of the questionnaires are as follows:

Parental Questionnaire June 2017

  Strongly agreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
1My child enjoys school.74%26%0%0%
2The school keeps my child safe.72%28%0%0%
3The school informs me about my child's progress.74%25%1%0%
4My child is making enough progress at school.65%35%0%0%
5The teaching is good at this school.66%34%0%0%
6The school helps me to support my child's learning.60%40%0%0%
7The school helps my child to have a healthy lifestyle.59%40%1%0%
8The school makes sure that my child is well prepared for the future (for example, changing year group, changing school and moving to secondary education).58%42%0%0%
9The school meets my child's particular needs.62%38%0%0%
10The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour.60%40%0%0%
11The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns.52%46%2%0%
12The school is led and managed effectively.58%42%0%0%
13Overall, I am happy with my child's experience at this school.74%26%0%0%

Your views and concerns are important to us and you are welcome to address them with us at any time.