Please ensure your child attends school every day.  If your child is ill, and unable to attend please contact school by 09:15 to inform us.

Monitoring Attendance

Absence or lateness, for whatever reason will adversely affect children’s education.  Each year, there are approximately 190 statutory school days.  If your child were to miss one day a week for their whole time at school, they would miss the equivalent of 2 years’ school!  That would be like not starting school until you were 7 or leaving at 14.

It is a legal duty as parents/carers to ensure the regular and punctual attendance of your child at school.

  • We operate a first day call system for all absent children
  • A phone message or e-mail ( must state the reason for the absence and if known, the expected return date
  • Frequent or unexplained absence will be reported to the Education Welfare Officer
  • The registers are monitored regularly by the Local Authority
  • Please notify the School Office of any medical or dental appointments, etc
  • At the end of each term, certificates will be awarded to all those with 100% attendance


Frequent lateness can mean your child missing vital work, which then has to be caught up.  It also disrupts lessons for teachers and other pupils.  Junior children arrive for 08:40 and go straight into class where they will be supervised by their Class teacher. Infant children are admitted onto the yard from 08:40 and parents may wait with their child until 08:50 when they will be escorted into school by a member of staff.

A Breakfast Club runs each morning from 07:55 to 08:45 am for parents/guardians wishing to bring their child to school earlier than 08:40.  The Breakfast Club provides fun, games and activities but does not include “breakfast”!  There is no need to book in advance to use this facility, just turn up as and when required.  The cost per session currently stands at £1.50.