Keeping Your Child Safe                                                                                                The Governors and staff of Woodthorpe C of E (VC) Primary School take seriously their responsibility to promote the safeguarding and welfare of all children entrusted to our care.  The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is the Headteacher.

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance.  We regularly review our safeguarding procedures and ask for your co-operation in implementing the safety measures we put in place to safeguard your child.  It is important that you keep us informed about:

  • Changes of address or telephone numbers
  • Your child’s medical details
  • Changes to emergency contact numbers

Security in School                                                                                                       The safety and welfare of children in school is a priority.  During the school day we ask all visitors to enter school through the main office and sign in using the school’s electronic signing-in system.  Once signed-in, all visitors are given a printed badge to wear whilst in school.  All members of staff are alert to the need to check the identity of anyone not wearing a badge on the school premises.  All adults regularly working on our school premises have been DBS checked in line with the Safeguarding Policy.

The Internet and use of Images/Photographs                                                          The school operates an e-safety policy and restricts access to the internet.  We also ask parents to let us know if they object to their child’s photograph being used in newspapers and on the website.  The use of cameras and video equipment is prohibited, we ask parents to be sensitive and not to take photographs ,or videos, of children during school events.  Children are photographed, by staff as part of their normal lessons to aid assessment, evaluation and discussion, these images are only used within school.

Working with other Agencies                                                                                      We have close links with a number of agencies; including the Police, Social Care and Health Professionals.

The Headteacher is the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and the Deputy Headteacher is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL).  If a Child Protection concern is raised, the Parent/Guardian concerned will usually be informed. However in some cases school staff will need to contact Social Care directly.

We recognise that all families can have times of crisis and might need the support of professionals.  We encourage Parents/Guardians to let us know if they are experiencing difficulties and we will do our best to put them in contact with a relevant agency.  Please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead, if you would like to discuss a safeguarding or welfare concern.

Any safeguarding information and/or concern can be communicated directly to the Safeguarding Team via the following secure email address: