Chair – Mr J Capper

  1. To monitor each year’s School Improvement Plan, and its clear links to the annual budget plan.
  2. To consider and approve the budget each year and be accountable for managing the finances of the School. Governors must assure themselves that the School is securing value for money and acting with financial probity.
  3. To monitor the budget and agree any in-year changes to the spending plans, reporting these to the Full Governing Body.
  4. To review and approve the School Finance Regulations and Procedures annually, reporting any changes to the full Governing Body; the Local Authority Finance Section will alert schools to any changes via the School’s extranet.
  5. To approve virements between budget headings in excess of any delegation granted to the Headteacher under the Governors’ Scheme of Financial Delegation.
  6. To consider and decide on any proposal involving on-going rental expenditure not provided for in the Governors’ Scheme of Financial Delegation.
  7. To be responsible for contractual arrangements in respect of items approved by the Governing Body in accordance with Council Standing Orders and Financial Regulations including the placing and opening of tenders, obtaining quotes and approving expenditure in accordance with quotation and tendering limits. To report any agreed expenditure to the full Governing Body.
  8. To consider and decide on proposals involving additional expenditure from other Committees and report on these to the full Governing Body.
  9. To ensure that the School’s Financial Value Standard is completed and submitted to the LA Audit Section by 31 March each year.
  10. To determine the arrangements and the scale of charges for the letting of school premises and other remissions.
  11. To consider and give advice on any matter involving finance or financial management referred to by the Governing Body.
  12. To ensure that the principles of Best Value are followed when making decisions.


Chair – Mr J Capper

  1. To monitor the implementation of the Children and Younger Adults Department Health and Safety Policy as far as it affects the School and ensure that a School Health and Safety policy and appropriate risk assessments are in place and used in order to safeguard the ealth and safety of employees, pupils and visitors to the school. To consider health and safety implications relating to Governing Body decisions and make recommendations to the Governing Body. To carry out periodic health and safety inspections with the school management. To monitor health and safety performance on an ongoing basis.
  2. To be responsible for monitoring the fabric of the school premises and within the budget provision, authorising maintenance work.
  3. To determine a policy and scale of charges for the letting of the premises. Under the Education Act 2002 the Governing Body must consult the LA, school staff and parents of registered pupils of the school, registered pupils where this is appropriate and such other persons the Governing Body consider appropriate before it provides any community facilities or services.
  4. To be responsible for monitoring the performance of the cleaning, ground maintenance and catering services.
  5. To be responsible for overseeing the arrangements for caretaking.
  6. To consider improvements / alterations to school premises and to take recommendations to the Governing Body, which shall forward proposals to the LA for consideration and approval.
  7. To draft/agree specifications for any work to the building to be undertaken by outside contractors, this is funded from the delegated budget.
  8. To be responsible for monitoring the arrangements for the security of the premises
  9. To consider request to improve/replace furnishings within the school, within budget provision.
  10. To annually inspect the premises and grounds and oversee the preparation of a statement of priorities for maintenance and development for the approval of the Governing Body (with reference to the Asset Management Plan).
  11. To regularly review the need for structural repairs and maintenance for which the Local Authority is responsible
  12. To make recommendations for updating the School Improvement Plan as it relates to the management of the school premises.
  13. Accessibility planning.


(in line with LA Guidelines)

Chair – Mr J Capper


To draft and keep under review a policy statement on staff consultation for approval by the Governing Body and to undertake any formal consultation on personnel matters; as the school subscribes to the LA Human Resources package, consultation on HR policies is undertaken centrally by the LA. However, the school is obliged to consult staff on, for example, changing the times of the school day. The policy, agreed by the Governing Body, will state the school’s arrangements for consulting staff, if required.


To review and recommend for adoption the procedures for dealing with discipline and grievances and ensure that the staff are informed of them.


To draft and review, in consultation with staff, criteria for redundancy for approval of the Governing Body; to review the Redundancy Policy.


To review the staffing structures whenever a vacancy occurs and at least annually in relation to the school’s needs. To provide for the leadership, management and delivery of the school’s functions and strategic plans.

The Committee will also:

  • Review any changes in pay and condition arrangements for all teaching employees and the exercise of Governing Body’s discretion.
  • In the light of any changes, to prepare recommendations for changes to the Pay Policy for the Resource Management Committee/full Governing Body to consider and decide, including the agreement of the salary scales to be utilised, in accordance with the school’s pay policy.
  • To receive from the Headteacher and nominated Appraisal Governors such recommendations as are required and appropriate to the exercise of the Governing Body’s and Pay Policy Committee’s delegated responsibilities to determine any performance pay progression to be awarded to individual teachers.
  • To carry out the statutory annual salary review and agree the annual salary for all teachers employed at the school in accordance with this policy and agree the starting salary of teachers new to the school, in the light of the requirements of the School Improvement and Post OFSTED Action Plans
  • To refer, as appropriate, any budget considerations to the Resource Management Committee.

The Personnel/Finance Committees may meet to undertake a non-statutory salary review at any other time if there is a need to do so. For example:
To award additional Teaching and Learning Responsibility payments for specific responsibilities or duties undertaken by a teacher later in the year.

  1. To consider the award of, or on the expiry of, fixed term Teaching and Learning Responsibility payments.
  2. To correct errors which come to light at times other than the statutory annual Salary Review.
  3. To consider changes to the Headteacher’s or Deputy Headteacher’s Individual School Range.

This committee will also have responsibility for the following:

  1. Procedure for Absence Management and Monitoring
  2. Procedure for Harassment and Bullying
  3. Procedure for Competence
  4. Recruitment and Retention Policy


Chair – Mrs C Shaw

  1. To plan, monitor and review the academic and pastoral arrangements of the School in order to ensure that the School maintains and delivers a broad and balanced curriculum in keeping with the aims of the School.
  2. To monitor the provision of the National Curriculum and its assessment procedures in line with the legal framework.
  3. To ensure that the School Leadership has appropriate systems for monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching and learning in the School.
  4. To agree priorities for curriculum development and teaching and learning through critical discussion of Self Evaluation in collaboration with the Headteacher and staff. To ensure Governors have an awareness of the barriers to learning specific to the school, i.e. attendance, behaviour, etc.
  5. To receive reports on and critically discuss the effectiveness of all the School’s teaching and learning and curriculum policies, taking account of statutory guidance where appropriate; this will include the impact of the Pupil Premium. To make representations to the full Governing Body for changes as necessary, including:
  1. The provision for collective worship and R.E. in line with the locally agreed syllabus
  2. The school’s policy on Sex Education (non-statutory)
  3. The school’s policy on Charging and Remissions
  4. The school’s policy on Special Educational Needs & Disability
  5. The school’s policy for PSHE and Citizenship (non-statutory)
  1. To ensure Governors have a clear understanding of the School’s performance data and an accurate view of how well pupils and groups of pupils are achieving compared with those in other similar schools and nationally.
  2. To ensure pupils are making appropriate progress towards targets; this may include discussion of performance data including the School Data Dashboard, ASP (Assessing Pupil Progress), the Inspection Dashboard and the School’s own tracking data.
  3. To consult with and provide information to parents and the wider community on matters relating to teaching and learning and the curriculum.
  4. To ensure all pupils, particularly those in vulnerable groups (pupils entitled to the pupil premium, SEND pupils, etc) make good progress in relation to individual needs and abilities through flexible and effective use of the resources available to the school.
  5. To ensure that expectations for learning for all groups of pupils are high and pupils participate fully in all aspects of School life.
  6. To consider and give advice on any matter involving the curriculum referred to it by the Governing Body.