Class 4 – Wonderful Wolves – Mr Windsor (Years 5 and 6)


Welcome to Class 4

We are really excited to welcome everyone back to school after this unique period of Covid-19 adapted Home Learning.  Please be assured that there has been a great deal of planning and careful consideration relating to the full opening of the school in order to keep everybody as safe as possible. 

As you will be aware from the parent information posted on our Home page, pupils in Class 4 will begin the school day at 9.00am and finish the day at 3.30pm.  The pupils will be asked to enter via the Junior’s gate, walk down the side of the school hall, around the outside of the school to the MUGA and then through the Infant playground gate and into their new classroom – which is the room used by last year’s Year 1 and 2 pupils. 

Everything has been provided to ensure that the children’s health and safety have been fully considered, as well as providing the children with a stimulating and effective learning environment. Pupils will be seated in forward facing rows a labelled table place – which will also be where they eat their lunch.  Each pupil has been allocated individual equipment and books to support their daily learning and this is stored in a sealed wallet.

Our first topic is ‘A Child’s War’ which examines the life of children during World War 2.  It was a new topic completed by last year’s Year 6 pupils, who thoroughly enjoyed the various tasks and breadth of curriculum subjects.

On Monday 14th September, we held our ‘Evacuation Day’. Children came to school dressed as evacuees with their gas mask boxes and labels.  

To find out more about being an evacuee during WW2, click on this link below.

I fully understand that some pupils may be a little apprehensive on their return to school, if there are any issues and concerns that you or your child wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me via the School Office.