Class 2 – Tremendous T Rexs – Miss Turner

Welcome to the Tremendous T Rexs.

Our class will arrive at school 9:00 am through the bottom gates where we will enter the school through the red double doors near to the School Staffroom. You will then walk to our classroom down the corridor to the left (where the toilets are located), where I will be waiting for you. You can hang up your coat outside the classroom on your own peg. I will then ask you to hand sanitise and then find your seat with your name on it.

At your table you will have a clear plastic pencil case with a pencil, rubber, ruler and sharpener in it. You will also have a tray for your book bag, whiteboard, whiteboard pen and maths book. After that we will carry out some exciting learning in our classroom or outside with the children in your class.

Throughout the day we will keep washing our hands. You will eat lunch in your classroom at  your seating place and then go outside to play. After lunch we continue to complete some more fantastic learning before going home at 3:30pm using the same pathways and doors as when you arrived at school.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Miss Turner