Class 1 (Super Snails) – Miss Squires

Please read this message from me to your child – thank you.

Welcome to the Super Snails! You will arrive at school through the bottom green gates with an adult at 9am. You will then enter your classroom through the red double doors where I will be waiting for you. You can then hang your coat on your peg. When inside your classroom you will sit on the carpet in a carpet space that I will give to you. We will all try to keep to the social distancing rules whilst I take the register. Next, we will complete some exciting learning both inside and outside of the classroom. You will have a tray with your name on for: book bag, pencils, letters and a maths book.

Whilst in the classroom you will be asked to wash your hands, or use hand sanitiser, before and after using any toys or resources. Throughout the day you will be reminded to wash your hands regularly.

You will eat your lunch in your classroom and then go outside to play. After lunch we will carry on with some more fun learning before going home at 3:15pm using the same doors and paths as when you arrived at school.

I look forward to seeing you all.

Miss Squiers